X01 Micro Drone Review – Detailed features, Specs, Pros and Cons

When walking along with the world of drones you tend to meet a lot of new inventions along the line, things that are abstract that you never thought even exist in the first. Well, one of these things is the X01 micro drone. Have you ever seen a drone so small that it can fit into the circumference of your hand? If you have not, then this is a great opportunity. The X01 micro drone is very small in size and can maneuver through little spaces without hitting any obstacle on its way.

X01 Micro Drone Overview

The X01 micro drone is easy to fly and navigate. You don’t need to set up anything after unboxing. It’s the type of drone that you buy and fly. It is small, smart and capable of streaming HD footage directly to your phone. The 2.4GHz drone is great for beginner to advanced pilots and features a 6-Axis Gyro for extreme stability in all conditions. With 3 speed settings and advanced controls, you can perform 360-degree flips, spins, and stunts. This ability makes it very unique and different from a whole lot of other drones. Due to its small size, such a drone is bound to have incredible speed because according to science, the lightest thing should travel faster in the air than the heavier ones.

Its propeller blades can be changed at any point in time without reducing the altitude and speed of the drone. Some term this drone as small but mighty, it mostly preferred when the user wants to achieve the mode of stealth during his flight course. Due to the fact that the drone produces less noise and is very small in size, it cannot be detected easily by anyone.Check price on amazon

All About Propel

Propel is popularly known for making high-quality products in the flight and radio controlled devices section of electronics. It was founded in 2006 and its base of operations is located in the United States. In 2016, they launched their exclusive range of Disney licensed star wars battle drones along with the DC endorsed Batwing and Batwing HD. The company is been recognized by lots of big brands that require their services in one way or another, they offer nothing but quality and that is why they have lots of clients from all over the world.

Features Of X01 Micro drone

x01 micro drone

3 Speed modes

The 3-speed setting of this drone makes it great for beginners to advanced users. Each speed is indicated by beeps. 1 beep is for the first speed which is ideal for beginners. 2-beeps is for the second speed which can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. 3-beeps is for the maximum speed which is ideal if you are already comfortable flying this drone. The third speed is ideal if you are flying the drone outdoors. In other words, advanced flyers can choose a fast setting to perform amazing tricks and dramatic fly-by.

Ultimate Stability And Control 

This mini-drone features a 6-Axis Gyro that remains stable in most conditions both Indoor and outdoor. It performs well outside with little to no wind but can lose control in moderate disturbances, so please do not use in foul weather.

Longest Range

x01 micro drone controllerThe 2.4GHz digital long-range controller allows for the largest flight range of any micro drone on the market. Whether flying high or flying far, your nano drone will stay in range longer to reduce crashes and prevent loss. It does not require FFC registration.

Fast Charging

The quick charging feature of this drone is great for beginners who are very eager and excited to use the product. The initial charging period for this drone as soon as you open the box is about 10 to 15 minutes. For the normal charging of the drone, it takes 25 to 30 minutes if the battery is empty.


The blades of X01 micro drone can be changed easily. The blades are not that sturdy and they can get lost during a flight that’s why the package includes 8 extra blades if ever the blades need to be replaced.

Fly multiple drones at the same time

The X01 micro drone is perfect for multi-player fun. 3 to 4 channel modes allow for a flight of multiple drones at the same time. Flight time is a generous 7-10 minutes thanks to a built-in Li-Poly battery  Charging time is as short as 20-30 minutes using a USB charger. The controller requires 2 AAA batteries. The controller can be used to control the drone up to a distance of 100 meters. If the drone goes beyond that distance, you would lose the signal from the drone and it would crash on the ground and stop working.Check price on amazon


  • This drone is made of plastic but is very durable. You won’t have problems of having it easily broken despite crashing it a lot of times. It may not seem to be the case when you first look at it because it looks fragile but when you get to test it especially outdoors, you’ll see how sturdy it is.
  • Propel Maximum X01 Micro drone can flip which is an amusing feature and makes it more enjoyable to fly and navigate. Some people love playing with the flip feature of this drone.
  • The LED lights are amusing and the flashing of the lights slow down once the drone is paired to the controller and they stop flashing when the drone is ready to fly.


  • The propellers come off easily that’s why the package provides you with extra propellers for replacement. The level of ease it is to attach the propellers to the drone matches the level of ease for these propellers to be detached from the drone during flight. The worst thing that could happen to this drone is that the propellers might get lost during the flight.
  • X01 micro drone has a short flight time. Its flight time is about 6 to 7 minutes. It can be quite annoying to enjoy flying your drone outdoors and then having to run back at home just to charge it again.
  • You can’t take off the batteries. It would have been better if the battery could be taken off especially since the flight time is too short. Having an extra battery for extra flight time wouldn’t hurt but in the case of this drone, you have no choice but to really charge the drone again through a computer.
  • The slowest speed isn’t ideal to use because there is a lot of throttle in the air. X01 is not that responsive from side to side.


I had a larger drone, but it was hard to control and I crashed it immediately. (Luckily my gf had bought insurance, because that is common). Thought a smaller one would be cheaper and easier to learn on, inside. Not so: controls are NOT intuitive to me – maybe someone playing years of video games would do much better. My son did better than I did. Controls are too finely calibrated for me. Could not stabilize any flights; constantly hit walls and ceilings, tables and chairs. Never got the hang of it. Thankfully, it came with extra blades that were easy to switch out. [Finally found a different, much larger drone that self-stabilizes and is allowing me to learn control, even inside.]

Very small and fun to use

This is the first drone I have ever owned and I am now seeing why they are so popular. It is a lot smaller than I expected it to be for a micro drone but still functions very well. We use it indoors mainly because I don’t think we would be able to find it outside if it gets out of hand due to the very small size. It does have a lot of power and take off for the small size.

The handheld controller is comfortable in your hands, so using it for a long period of time will not be a problem. It is a fun beginner drone and so far we hit everything from walls, callings, fans and televisions and this thing is still flying around. It also Has a three speed setting for beginners to advanced users and a push button for 360 degree stunts. I just wish the charge last longer than it does but it is still fun to use.


The X01 micro drone does not have a lot of features. For sure, you can’t compare it with other bigger brands. It is just small and unique in its own way and is ready to offer its users the best experience possible which will enable them to achieve their goals during any flight course. Beginners should consider acquiring this drone for them in order to be able to learn with something lighter and easy to control before engaging themselves with larger drones that require a lot of flight experience to be able to control perfectly.Check price on amazon

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