SYMA X5C-1 Review – Detailed Specs, features, Pros and Cons

All you drone lovers and pilots, have you made use of the Syma series of drones? If you have not, then something is really missing from your beautiful flight experience. The newest edition of drones been manufactured by Syma is the SYMA X5C-1.

The Syma X5C-1 is the upgraded version of the Syma X5C, which had some issues with flying stability even though it was a bestselling beginner quadcopter.  These issues have been addressed in this version and the Syma X5C-1 is now a much easier and fun drone to fly. If you are a beginner at drone flying, looking for a drone with guaranteed ease of use, then Syma X5C-1 will be the one for you.

This drone is Syma’s most successful product, available at practically any drone store or web store. Syma X5C-1 is the perfect affordable toy drone to anyone on a small budget who wishes to have a beautiful and cheap drone experience. On top of all, Syma X5C-1 comes with its own camera so you can record and take photographs of your best moments.



Syma x5c-1 reviewThe Syma X5C-1 is an upgraded version of the Syma X5C quadcopter, which had gained a large following due to its price, stability, and ease of use. There isn’t much change in the technology used by its predecessor, and it functions just like the Syma X5C. The only minor change in the upgraded version is the placement of its camera and the function buttons on the transmitter. This drone flies well both indoors, and outdoors. You can fly this in moderate winds but obviously come in for a landing when the winds speed picks up. It is a smaller quadcopter and makes for a very good trainer.

This quadcopter is very durable and capable of withstanding repeated crashes. You may find that your dog loves to chase after this quadcopter. It can withstand several successful dog captures, and a few bites from your pooch.


Syma is very popular for producing stable and reliable toy-grade quadcopters. The X5C-1 is a classic example of quality and stability and is great fun to fly. Founded in 2008, Syma has been an innovator and industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality radio controlled Drones and Quadcopters for over 10 years. Syma has taken an innovative and visionary approach in advancing flight experience for people of all ages.



It has an enclosed battery compartment and power switches. The best way to determine the overall battery life is by checking its battery capacity. The 500mAh Li Po battery of the Syma X5C-1 provides very short flight time and it needs to be recharged quickly. So, it is advisable to have fully-charged spare batteries in hand, to reduce the waiting time and enjoy the flight. You can try replacing the 500mAh Li Po with a 750mAh Li Po as this will give you more performance and longer flight times. There is a light on the charger that will turn off to indicate that the battery is fully charged.


Syma blade protectorSyma X5C-1 is made of ABS Plastic and is a durable quadcopter capable of resisting most common crashes and hits. It has protective frames around its motors and propellers, which also ensure protection when crashing. Highly recommend for beginners to learn and practice.

Flight time

This quadcopter is capable of flying for about 8 minutes without interruption.


It is estimated to weigh about 2 pounds.

Modular Design

Modular designs are ideal because you can swap out parts quickly and easily. For any beginner, this is great because you are expected to crash a lot. Heck, even advanced pilots can crash and often do. There are propeller guards included that will protect the propellers in the event you crash and burn. Advanced users will often leave these guards off to reduce the weight and increase flight time.


syma cameraA 2MP camera is inbuilt in the quad, which is capable of taking HD 720P videos. There are several other quadcopters that have better cameras, but in comparison to the price of the quad, the camera is quite decent. It is a perfect quad to click pictures of the roof of your home and your neighborhood or an aerial view of your farms. The trimming button on the left of the transmitter has to be used for clicking pictures and videos. A single push of a button will let you click pictures of your choice. You need to push the button up for taking photos and push it down for taking videos. The button of the camera is remote controlled, which helps in conserving battery as you can click pictures only when you wish too, and after reaching a decent altitude. The 2 GB memory card and USB card reader will enable you to transfer the photos and videos quickly and easily.

Speed Modes

There are two flight speed modes available on the Syma X5C-1, which is high and low. The low mode is ideal for beginners as the low speed makes it easier to control the drone. Moreover, the low mode is perfect for those who are flying the quadcopter in indoor spaces. If you have enough experience in flying the quadcopter in an open area, then you can switch to the high-speed mode. There is a button provided on the upper left side of the transmitter that can manage the high and low-speed modes.

Flight performance

This quadcopter toy-guard is very stable in the air, enabling beginners to learn how to fly a drone quickly. It easily hovers, and the controls are easy to reach so that the person flying it can handle it without any problem. Every flight of the Syma X5C-1 is a smooth one and without any abrupt endings. As compared to other similar sized quadcopters, the Syma X5C-1 is a bit quieter. The bright LED lights of the drone do a great job in orientation especially when the light is dim.

With the prop guards on, the flight time is about 5-6 minutes. If you want to increase the flight time a bit more by about 1-2 minutes, then you can play the Syma X5C-1 by removing the prop guards and using the battery that has been provided. However, if you are shooting a video while flying, then the flight time will decrease to 4-5 minutes. To enhance the flight timings, another option is to use a battery with a larger capacity which will boost up the time significantly.

To add a bit of excitement, you can make the quad flip by pressing the button that is located on the upper right side of the transmitter. You then need to move the right stick in the direction that you want the drone to flip. In short, the 6-axis flight control offers lots of mobility for yaw, roll, and pitch.


The X5C-1 transmitter won’t win any awards when it comes to aesthetics, looking like a gadget from a 1980s sci-fi movie. However, it does its job well enough. The spring-loaded control sticks are a nice touch and a small LCD screen at the bottom displays information such as battery level, trim levels, yaw rate, throttle level, etc. On the left and right of the LCD display are some gimmicky “buttons” that don’t do anything. The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and has a control range of about 50m. Some enthusiasts have come up with hacks to extend the transmitter range well over 50m.

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  • The dimensions of the quadcopter with prop guards are 310x310x80mm.
  • It can be controlled at a distance of 50m approximately.
  • 230 mm is the diagonal motor distance.
  • The transmitter power is 4×1.5V AA batteries.
  • The size of the motor is 7x20mm coreless.


  • Removable HD Camera
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with LED light for night use
  • HD camera and good storage capacity
  • Can flip and roll
  • It is fun to fly
  • Small and easy to handle
  • Very agile
  • 6-axis flight control system


  • Beginners Will Have Hard Time Flying on Bad Windy Weather
  • Short flight time
  • Camera not impressive
  • Outdated transmitter design


This drone turned out to be indestructible! After getting it last spring my son and I flew it all summer. It got stuck on the roof twice, once in power transmission line, and once in the tree by the house. Every time we managed to rescue it somehow. Finally we flew it on his school playground where it got into the crown of a large maple tree. We could not get it out so I decided to wait until next spring and buy a replacement. Drone was sitting there all winter under NW rain for 5 months straight. Just today my son came back from school with the drone. He and his classmates finally managed to knock it down with stones. I could not believe my eyes. Imagine our completely amazement when after simply replacing a battery it flew perfectly just like it did before. Even camera images were still there.

Excellent starter drone. The advanced mode with sharper turning and faster speeds is pretty great for more knowledgeable users. Camera is subpar, but you’re not usually getting a camera at this price point so it’s not a con. Instruction manual is a little difficult to understand in my opinion, but once you have the controls down, the value is absurd. Lots of aftermarket accessories are available too, which allows you to customize to your liking. This is usually the model I recommend for people that want to see if drones are for them, or perhaps as an inexpensive gift.


This is definitely the best cheap drone with a camera that we have seen in this price bracket. The Syma X5C-1 is a toy-grade quadcopter that provides an enjoyable flight performance and is perfect for beginners. It serves as an excellent trainer drone and can take abuse easily, especially when you have the prop guards on. It will also enable you to keep your piloting skills sharp. So, beginners, as well as experienced pilots who are looking for some fun, should purchase the Syma X5C-1.Check price on amazon


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