How to fly a drone commercially – A step by step Guide!

Recent years ago, it was a milestone for teenagers to pass a driving test to get a license. Nowadays, a second milestone has been added – i.e. getting a license to fly a drone commercially. Before getting started, you may ask your self these questions – how to fly a drone commercially? How to get a drone license? Where to get it? The procedure? The drone exam and so on.

In this article, we will cover a step by step procedures to get you started. Sit tight! We got you on this.

Before starting our guide, read these short dos and don’ts to help you get a better understanding.

Dos and don’ts for flying a drone commercially

fly a drone for commercial purpose Whether you want to fly your drone as a hobby or commercially, you need to make yourself familiar with these dos and don’ts.

Dos :

  • You must register your drone for legal approval.
  • Always get a Remote Pilot Certificate issued from FAA.
  • Be aware of FAA airspace restrictions and always respect their privacy policy.
  • Always fly your drone during daylight or civil twilight at or below 400 feet.


  • Try not to fly your drone if it is above 55 lbs near any aircraft or airport.
  • Be careful when you are near any emergencies such as natural calamity, fire accidents, or other hurricane recovery tasks.
  • Try not to fly your drone over public events, stadiums or crowd of people.
  • Make sure that you are out of alcohol or drug influence while flying your drone.

Highlighted procedures on how to fly a drone commercially

The procedures to get your drone license are easy. Don’t complicate the process. You just need to follow these 6 steps to have your drone license on hand.

  1.  You have to make an appointment at FAA’s test centers. Your government-issued ID card is required.
  2. Study your drone flying course attentively. Enroll to the best online drone training school here.
  3. You must pay $150 in order to take the test.
  4. Wait up to 72 hours for your result. It will be posted online.
  5. Apply for your Remote Pilot Certificate through FAA’s website. Use this link.
  6. You can print your certificate temporarily. Your actual certificate will be delivered to your house through the mail.

That’s all! You are now capable of flying your drone for commercial purposes. I hope this answers your question – how to fly a drone commercially?

Can I fly a drone commercially without a license?

Don’t think about it. Flying a drone commercially without a license is a serious violation of a law. Previously the fine for this crime was $1000, but at present time it is increased to $1414. Depending on your situation, you may end up violating more FAA’s drone laws, and the penalty may increase accordingly.  Why the hustle when getting the license is easy.

But, Why do you need a license to fly your drone commercially?

In June 2016, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that new sets of drone flying rules will come into effect for those who want to fly a drone commercially.

Basically, you need to pass the FAA part 107 exam to get your license. You must score at least 75%.

What to expect in FAA’s part 107 exam?

Let me be honest with you. FAA’s part 107 exam is not an easy exam. You need to study an organized course to pass and get your license. There are lots of drone courses available online. We will be guiding you on finding the best course at a minimum price.

The exam will have a total of 60 questions. You have to answer at least 75% of the questions. This means you have to answer a minimum of 45 questions.

Don’t expect questions like “how to turn your drone left?” or any other easy questions. You need to have some level of aeronautical knowledge. An actual pilot should explain you the basic concepts of weather and maps.

While studying your course, you need to focus on these aspects.

  • Effects of Weather (Thunderstorms, Density Altitude, Temperature Inversion, etc.)
  • Reading Sectional Charts (Latitude / Longitude, Airspace, etc.)
  • Weather Reports (TAF and METAR reports)
  • Maintenance and preflight procedures
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Aeronautical decision-making
  • And more…

To give you an example of what to expect, read the following sample questions taken from FAA’s part 107 exams.

Example on Prior authorization for the operation – how to fly a drone commercially?

How to fly a drone for commercial purpose

Example on Drug and Alcohol Use – how to fly a drone commercially?

How to fly a drone commercially

A sample on understanding cartography. – how to fly a drone commercially?

This is important when you fly a drone near an airport.

How to fly a drone commercially

How to fly a drone commercially

An Example of Hazardous attitudes. – how to fly a drone commercially?

how to fly a drone commercially

You should expect similar questions on your FAA part 107 exam. Don’t panic though! With proper study, you can accomplish 75% or more. What you need is an effective online course to help you achieve your goal.

Out of hundreds of courses online, we found ABJ Drone Academy more effective.

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Out of all the online drone training courses out there, the ABJ drone Academy is the best and most affordable drone course. You will learn all you need to pass your part 107 exam.

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What happens if I failed to pass?

You don’t have to worry too much. You can take the exam after 14 days. Of course, the questions won’t be the same, but it gives you time to study harder on the topics that were challenging to you. Failing one or two times might be OK, but failing repetitively might not be a good thing as it will be on your record.

I passed the exam! Now what?

Congratulations! You can now apply for your certification through FAA’s website. After creating an account on FAA’s website, you need to submit the code of your successful exam and apply for your license. You need to wait up to 72 hours for your result to be posted online before submitting your exam code.

Are you done yet?

Not exactly! The FAA will do a background check on you for criminal records related to alcohol and drug abuse. Don’t worry though. Unless you have serious records, that won’t be much of a concern.

Don’t forget to register your drone

Registering your drone and having a license are two separate processes. Any owner of a drone must register his/her drone. Whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial drone pilot, you have to register your drone.

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Conclusion – How to fly a drone commercially

It is possible to fly a drone commercially. You just need to follow the 6 steps discussed above. Make an appointment, study your course, pass the test, wait up to 72 hours for your result, apply for your license online, and wait until you got a mail.

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