The Shocking Future of Drones – Reporting from 2030!

With their current rate of growth, have you ever tried to predict the future of drones? well then, prepare to be doomed!

Thomas Frey, an American Futurist, predicts one billion drones by 2030.

To be honest, this is scary! Imagine drones flying over your home every minute or less.

What about our privacy?

According to Frey, drones won’t be just a little flying camera, they will have multiple functions and capabilities. They can climb trees, they can float on the river, they can roll on the ground, they can stick to planes and buildings, they can even develop to be driverless cars. 

Growth of drones

Future of drones 2030

Drones are growing at an exponential rate. Let’s observe their pattern of growth.


  • 2 years – 2x growth
  • 4 years – 4x growth
  • 6 years – 8x growth
  • 8 years – 16x growth
  • 10 years – 32x growth is expected.

Frey’s speech at World drone congress shocked everybody.

In the near future, all tasks including construction, agriculture, commercial delivery, emergency services, surveillance, and wars will be dominated by drones.

Battery industry, an obstacle?

Despite the rapid advancement of drones, Frey jotted that the battery industry should coop up. In the meantime, it is sad to know the best drone battery lasts only 30 minutes. 

30 minutes is so disappointing for best drones that can fly 7 kilometers far from you. I personally believe that the battery industry should do more.

The bright side

On the other hand, with the help of drones, a research by PwC predicts a €42 billion growth on the British economy. Accountants of PwC report a growing use of drones on sectors like logistic, construction, energy, agriculture, and defense. This will help thousands of people to get a job and this will boost UK GDP by 2%.

Although pilots and police regard drones as a problem, 72,000 of them will cruise UK skies just after a decade.

Predicting the future of drones

We have predicted the future of drones to be bright. It is obvious that there is room to make the current drones more advanced.

In the near future, drone technology and robotic technology are expected to combine and build intelligent drones that can do some complicated tasks. This phenomenon will make a positive impact on the future of drones.

Drones by 2030

By 2030, we have predicted 20 uses of a drone. Prepare to be amazed. Our future of drones prediction proceeds.

1. Firefighter drones

Future of dronesWildfires on the US are spreading at an alarming rate. Last year in California more than 40 lives lost and 8400 buildings destroyed by wildfire.

With the current level of technology, it has been hard to control wildfire. Drone technology is in an urgent need to reduce this catastrophe.

Firefighter drones are predicted to control wildfires effectively. We made this prediction #1 on our future of drones list due to their urgent need.

2. Missing Child Drone

According to the FBI, alone in the USA, an estimate of 460,000 children reported missing annually. That’s a huge amount of misses for a year.

We got a good news though. A drone from 2030 will have the ability to track your child.

Give it a picture and some information on your missed child, a drone will tell you where your child is. This will reduce the number of children missing worldwide.

3. Insect Killing Drones

“Troubled by those annoying mosquitoes? Buy an insect-killing drone!” This kinds of adverts will pop up in the near future.

This kinds of drones will be more effective in farming areas affected by insects.

4. Police camera drone

future of drones in the military

Whenever a problem reported, those drones will be the first to witness the incident before police vehicles arrive.

5. PO Box delivery drones

When your PO Box is full, PO Box delivery drones automatically deliver your mails to your home.

6. Fresh from the Farm

Fresh oranges, tomatoes, watermelons directly delivered to your home.

7. Power Line Monitoring Drones

Detects flow of electricity. Whenever there is a power loss, those drones detect the trouble area and report to electricians with a matter of minutes.

8. Random interviewer drones

Ideal for TV channels, YouTubers, and journalists in general. This kinds of drones will appear from nowhere and ask you some random questions.

9. Thermos Imaging of Buildings

Detects heat loss in buildings.

10. Real-Time Statistics Drone

Shows real-time statistics like traffic count and weather changes.

11. Construction assistant drones

drones in the near future

12. Medical Prescription Delivery

13. Infectious Disease Monitoring Drone

Whenever a person with infectious disease approaches you, this drone will notify you.

14. Fireworks Dropping Drones

Imagine fireworks dropped from above. We think it will be cool.

15. Taxi Drones

future of drones in businessA Chinese company called Ehang introduced the Ehang 184 – A passenger drone that can transport people. This invention shocked the world. This drone completed 1 thousand flights successfully.

By 2030 drones like the Ehang 184 will be the form of transport we often use.

No more taxi! Fly from your home to your work! Drones like Ehang 184 will make this dream into reality.

16. Drug Sniffer Drones

Expected to replace drug sniffer dogs.

17. Cleaner drones

Drones cleaning your windows, toilet, and plates.

18. Home Security Drones

Your home deserves protection. Why hire a security guard when your drone can protect you.

19. High Speed Chase Drones

Bad news for criminals! In 2030, police officers won’t chase criminals. Drones will chase and bring criminals to justice.

20. Ankle Bracelet Replacement Drones

Ankle bracelets (Electronic tagging) is a bracelet implemented on one’s ankle to control a person sentenced by the court or a person with dementia.

In 2030, this controlling method is expected to be replaced by drones.


Again, the future of drones is bright!

This listing of 20 future uses of drones is just a sample. There will be thousands of more features by 2030.

Despite their advanced future use, there will also be some problems with drones. Frequently updated drone laws are necessary.

“The same drone that deliver medicine and food can also deliver weapons and bombs.”

With that being said, it is clear that the positive uses of drones outweigh the negative ones. For the decades or centuries to come, drone technology will dominate the world.

We hope our 20 lists gave marketers some ideas.

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