The basics of flying a drone near an Airport

Flying a drone near an airport within the five miles is permitted. It is important to keep the drone in the line of sight at all times. It must not interfere with manned aircraft at any time.

As a hobbyist, you don’t need paperwork to fly a drone near an airport. You only have to notify the control tower. You will be then ready for a takeoff.

Before you fly your drone, one has to inform the airport operator and the control tower if it is operated within the premises area of a tower controlled airport. Also, check if flying a drone near an airport is legal in that particular airport. Get in touch with the air traffic control officers to check the flight timing. 

Hobbyist Drone operators if operating within the five miles of the airport must essentially contact the air traffic controller and the control tower before flying to prevent any clash and accidents. They must be informed about your drone operations at any cost. Otherwise, your license will be terminated and you will have to pay fine and compensation for the damages caused.

FAA Guidelines

Flying a drone near an airport

The FAA has announced guidelines to hobbyist drone operators. Drone pilots can download the FAA application from Apple Store or Google Play. This app helps to plot your position on the map and show the exact distance from the airport.

If multiple airports are close by and the five-mile distance overlaps, it is essential to contact all airports involved before flying your drone.

Drone operators have to check the temporary flight restrictions (TFR) before flying their drone. You can see TFR current map status using FAA website or app. TFR is imposed on areas of big public and presidential events. The airport traffic controllers contact the FSDO immediately for unsafe drone operations. The drone flyer must be a part of the CBO and be well aware of its guidelines before the Drone operation. The drone must be registered to fly near airports for any reason.

If the Drone is to be operated on a long-term basis around the airport, then a legal agreement with the FAA is a must. This reduces the misunderstandings between the operators. This will let the hobbyist fly his/her drone without any restrictions. This process of letter agreement is provided by the FAA to the drone operator and the air traffic controller.

Details required for verification

Before flying a drone near an airport, the air traffic control should collect the following details from the hobbyist drone operator for verification. These details include –

  • the geographic operating location and dimensions,
  • altitude of operation,
  • number of drones operated in the area at a time,
  • time and duration of the Drone activity,
  • and a method to determine when the drone activity begins and ends by mentioning the specific time involved and the contact details of the Drone operator to contact in case of an emergency.

The airport management has all the rights to deny the Drone operation for safety at the airport and if it imposes any predicted damage to the airport. The reasons for denial is submitted by the air traffic control tower and airport management. They have to record the drone activities and operation if it causes any issues. After these formalities, the hobbyist drone operators have to carefully abide by the rules and operate their drones within the safe specified limit of five miles from the airport.

Legality of Flying a Drone

Flying a drone near an airport

Flying a Drone is legal in many countries except for a few, since they think it poses a threat to their security. For example, it is legal to fly a drone in the United States. Using Drone for shooting photos and videos has been made legal. Government companies and law agencies can use Drones in all countries.

Remote Pilot License (RPL) is checked for non-commercial drone driving from its pilots. One has to register first to buy a drone and then UIN plate is fixed to the purchased drone and then it is officially ready to cruise up the airs.

Conclusion on the permissibility of flying a drone near an airport

It is permissible to fly a drone within five miles of the airport under some circumstances. You must contact the control tower of the airport before takeoff. It is OK to fly outside the five miles range. Starting from takeoff to landing, it is a must to keep your drone on sight.

Best drones for flying near an airport

The best-recommended drone to fly near an airport is DJI Mavic pro. You can find it on Amazon.

Best drones for sale

DJI Phantom 3 is also popular Drone that was used by professional aerial cinematographers. It is quite old in its technology now. The latest drone technology devices popular in use today are DJI Mavic Air, Phantom 4 Pro and Walkera Voyager 5. Drones come in a variety of sizes and shapes with fixed wings. It requires short runaways. VTOL drones or Vertical take-off and Landing drones can take off, fly, hover and land vertically. There are small drones too that can take off from your hand.

Nowadays the Nano and Mini Drones have been discovered. They are in the size of insects for about 50cms in length. It possesses the most powerful electric motors using the Nanotechnology. Nano drones can fly up to 1-3 KMs for a maximum of 20 minutes. The common drones can fly for about 30-40 minutes for up to 5 KMs. Medium sized drones can carry 200 KGs of weight in its body. Its flying time is 6 hours and 50 KMs distance.

What is the thing about drones that makes people eager to fly them near an airport?

No doubt, Drones are the most advanced devices in aeronautics and robotics in today’s world. It is getting very popular and has innumerable applications. In future drones will be able to transport goods to remote locations that cannot be reached. It will be capable of doing much better tasks in the future with more added features. Amazon is planning to achieve this goal of transmitting all small packages via drones to their clients. Zookal is also having a similar idea. It is a textbook company in Australia. Amazon Prime Air is in the making. In the future, the users will use their smartphone to land their packages at their residence. Isn’t it Amazing!

Let’s see some uses of drones

  1. Drones are used to work in areas for geographical surveys.
  2. It is used in wildlife poaching
  3. Drones are used in professional aerial photography and video.
  4. It is used in military services.
  5. Drones carry remote sensing equipment that is used for a number of purposes. Such as for flying a drone near an airport
  6. Used in commercial aerial surveillance.
  7. It is used in the exploration of oil, gas, and minerals in the locality
  8. Used for disaster relief to go to places where a man cannot travel.
  9. It is used in real estate and Building constructions
  10. Drones are used for recreational purposes like shooting wedding videography from an aerial view, etc. Personal drones also known as hobby/consumer drones are used for this recreational purposes.
  11. The commercial drones come in very small palm size that can be controlled even by a kid.
  12. It is used in science and research.
  13. Used in surveying and GIS mapping.
  14. In precision agriculture.
  15. It is used to inspect power lines, pipelines, and wind turbines.
  16. Drones are used to deliver lightweight packages and is the fast air goods transport equipment too.
  17. It is used in maritime, mining, meteorology and education system.
  18. Many government agencies use private drones for security purposes.
  19. Used to perform spying with countries and even outside for security and other reasons.
  20. It is used in wildlife monitoring like population counting, poaching, etc.

 How are the Drones Made to work?

A Drone is specifically designed with a lightweight material to increase its weight and speed. The lightweight materials increase its maneuverability. Military drones can cruise at a very extreme altitude for its lightweight. This makes it easier for flying a drone near an airport.

Drones have infrared cameras, GPS navigation systems, GPS guided missiles, and laser. Infrared cameras and laser are found in the military UAV. Ground cockpit refers to the remote control system that controls the Drones from the ground. The frames and construction of the drones vary with each model. It has the waterproof motor frame, motors, transmitters, receivers, motor controllers, propellers and the batteries. The acrobats allow holding and packing accessories into its body that are used for various purposes.

Find the top 5 used drones that are available for sale

The UAV body is made up of two main parts, the Drone and the Control System. The sensors and navigation are present in the nose of the Drone. The rest of the body is made of the drone technology. It is very small and cannot accommodate a human inside.

The body is made of complex composite materials that can absorb the vibration. It also decreases the noise produced in the surrounding and makes it lightweight to fly. All drones are designed with a great flight capability and perform acrobatics in the sky. This feature is ideal for flying a drone near an airport.

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