F100 Ghost Drone review – Specs, features, Pros & Cons

Choosing and acquiring a good, reliable drone can be quite an exhausting process to undergo.  Are you in search of a drone that will offer you excellent camera quality and flight experience?  Although there are many drones in the market that are best fit for beginners and many that are perfect for professionals, there is not a lot out there for novices who are ready to take flying seriously and pilots who have interest in aerial photography. Fortunately, there is something that can fit into this category and this is what Force has provided, the F100 ghost drone.

The fact is that the F100 Ghost is ideal for various kinds of pilots. In this review, we will be giving you facts and reasons that will allow you to determine whether the Force1 F100 Ghost is worth your time and your money.


F100 ghost drone is a unique modern quad-copter that has demonstrated wonderful stability which ensures easy and smooth flight controls. This drone is capable of performing up to 360-degrees stunts; this is possible due to the carefully designed intuitive control scheme which it is equipped with.

F100 best features include; Quiet flight for video enthusiasts which combines an onboard camera mount for GoPro Hero 3 and 4 with brushless motors, for all photography and videography fans out there, this drone is among the better budget-priced options. The brushless motors are what bring a quiet flight, helping to place the focus on the content of the video. You will be able to extort a momentous amount of performance from this drone no matter the flight experience you previously have.


Force1 is a United States company that was founded in 2012. The headquarters of the company is located in Bellevue, Washington D.C. It is a small company that expanded in the drone manufacturing businesses through its beautiful design of drones that are equipped with features that can carry out modern activities. It is staffed by drone enthusiasts of all stripes and skill levels, every drone produced are tested on-site and the user manuals are been written based on the actual flight that was experienced.

Force has a lifetime 100% customer satisfaction rating on the storefront of Amazon due to the one-of-a-kind drone experience it offers to its customers at a very affordable price.


F100 ghost drone review

This drone is equipped with a lot of features that are very eye-catching and wonderful to experience. We will be discussing these features in this article, they are as follows;

Full HD Removable Camera

The drone is equipped with a camera mount and an action camera that is capable of recording video resolution up to 1080p. The mount is compatible with most third-party camera models, such as the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3. The removable camera was designed specifically for recording aerial videos. You do not need to worry about the camera falling out during flight due to the secure camera mount it is equipped with.

Incredibly Quiet Motors

You will notice that a lot of latest modern drones now make little noise, this is because many companies have reduced the noise of their motors. The F100 ghost drone offers a different experience entirely when capturing a video. You do not need to worry about the motor noise anymore. With the use of this drone, you will be able to capture nature sounds easily.

Multiple Speed Modes

The F100 ghost comes with different speed modes. It has a low-speed mode majorly for beginners so that they don’t crash the drone during their very first flight. The high-speed mode, on the other hand, is for people who know how to fly drones and want to get a bit more adventurous. It is highly recommended that you fly it outdoor only because of the powerful speed that makes it hazardous to fly indoor. When you put it on the highest speed setting, flying in windy conditions up to 20 miles per hour would not be an issue.

Brushless Motors

The brushless motors assist in achieving a smoother flight and more precise control of the drone.

360-Degree Flips

A 360-degree drone flip is a feature that is mostly used when the pilot wants to get acrobatic with the drone and entertain people watching the flight.

Flight time

F100 ghost drone could fly for a long time, this is as a result of its double LIPO battery and lightweight that is capable of keeping it in action for up to 15 minutes. This will bring about more stunts, more pictures, and more time in the air.


It comes with a 2×1800 mAh LiPo battery.


It has a weight of 15.7 ounces.


16x13x6 inches


It can be used both indoor and outdoor but it is highly recommended to be used for outdoor use only because of its speed and size.

LED lights

It is equipped with LED lights that are useful in night flights and when there is poor visibility condition.


Can fly up to a distance of 500m.


There are not many things to do when installing the F100 ghost drone. Everything is already in place, the only thing you need to do are as follows;

Propeller guard installation

  • Remove the two screws from the bottom of the drone, install the guard. Once you are done, replace and tighten the screws as they were.

High landing gear installation

  • Plug the high landing gear into the socket which is found at the bottom of the drone.
  • Insert and tighten the large headed screws. Do this for all landing gears.

Battery installation

  • Place the battery into the battery compartment under the drone.
  • After doing this, plug the yellow wire into the power socket at the rear side of the drone.


If you have had experience playing video games before, flying this drone with a remote controller would not be a problem for you. The remote controller is straightforward, easy to operate and works properly. It fits well in your hand, and within a short period of time, you should get used to the buttons and functionalities of the controller. The layout of the controller goes this way;

  • You will notice that the left stick manages the rudder and throttle.
  • The right stick helps to control flight direction.
  • Below the control sticks reside sliders to control leftward/rightward trim and left/right direction.
  • The control sticks have sliders between them that control backward and forward trim.
  • The controller also has a power switch right in the middle.
  • The shoulders of the controller have four buttons.
  • The leftmost button helps to switch between low and high speed.
  • The button right next to it uses to unlock and lock the drone.
  • The button on the right internal shoulder lets the drone to flip 360 degrees.
  • The fourth button helps toggle videos and photos on and off.

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The first time you will fly this drone will come after you perform a little set-up process on the drone using the instruction manual to ensure everything is in place. You can follow the installation processes I have provided above to put together some of the parts that are apart from it. This drone is a bit too large so it is much better for you to fly it outdoors for the first flight. Choose a day that’s relatively clear, I mean a day that is free from bad weather because it is light and good breeze can change its course.

Begin the flight process by pairing the drone with the remote. You can do this by pressing the red button on the remote and turning on the drone. Pairing is usually very quick and if you encounter any problems, it can be solved by turning off the drone. It is probably best if you start your flight from somewhere stable. A flat surface or an empty ground is the best but if you are unable to find that, try starting the drone on top of a flattened cardboard box. You should first begin by getting the drone in the air before you start thinking about its movement, the part that might be tricky will be learning how to get used to the drone. Master the drone before you start thinking about trying out stunts in order to avoid unnecessary damage to it.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons


  • It has great value for the price
  • It comes with four spare propellers
  • The controls are very responsive
  • Able to perform 360-degrees flip
  • Works right out of the gate
  • Very easy to fly
  • It is a quiet flight, you won’t hear much noise
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • The replacement parts aren’t easy to get
  • Finicky remote controller
  • Sometimes pairing could be difficult
  • There are chances it will not work with all action cameras


I had a flyaway drone about a month ago and force 1 contacted me about sending me a free replacement! What a fantastic thing! I’ve heard this statement many times before but that’s how you really “delight the customer”. I’m a newbie to this so it’s not surprising that I lost it but to have it replaced…WOW! I know I’ll have a great time with the new one. It was great fun for the little time I did have it. You can’t go wrong with a company like this!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this company!

The drone was a gift for my husband. As a first-time owner/flier, he likes having the extra battery and propellers that come standard with this drone. It gives him confidence knowing he has time to practice and an extra set of blades when he scars up the first set.


No matter the skill set you have, the Force F100 ghost drone is the best fit for your flying experience. This is a very unique drone that is essential and suitable for videography and aerial photography. F100 ghost drone is very reliable but at the same time, it is not perfect. It has everything a pilot needs for a mid-range drone experience.

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